Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Been Awhile

This is what Mia picked out to wear that day! She has on 5 shirts, 2 nightgowns, a baby hat, and Ethan's socks and cleats!

Harry on his first day of Kindergarten.

Maddie starting 4th grade

Nate's last year of elementary school--6th grade.

Ethan is in high school!
I'm going to blame a busy Spring...and Summer, for not posting in so long. March was the start of soccer season, but since soccer is year round in this house, that probably won't work as an excuse either. Scott and I had a great anniversary weekend in Moab in March, and we took some wonderful vacations this summer. I feel like I just blink and 6 months have passed! We got to see everyone in our families, which means it was a very successful summer. The kids are back in school. Ethan started high school this year, Nate is in 6th grade, Maddie in 4th, Harrison started kindergarten and Mia is home with me. They're all enjoying their teachers and friends.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mia's Egyptian Dress

When Kristin and Katherine went to Egypt, they bought Mia this gorgeous dress. Maddie also likes to wear it as a shirt!
Mia didn't want me to take her picture. She wanted the camera and wanted to take all the pictures, so she wouldn't cooperate and give me a smile. I still love this picture of her though. She is a very funny little girl.

Mia still doesn't want her picture taken, so she went to hide.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas

2009 was a year filled with both joy and sorrow for our family. We are still grieving the passing of our beloved brother-in-law, Aaron Lee. His death left a hole in our family and we will always miss him! We find joy in our children and in the gospel of Jesus Christ, which provides the promise of eternal families. We stayed pretty close to home this year with trips to Idaho/Bear Lake and a weekend in Park City. Maybe next year we will venture a little farther!
I marvel at our children’s distinct personalities. Scott and I love to watch them doing the things they love to do. They are great kids. We love living in Eagle Mountain. The kids just thrive in this neighborhood and have wonderful friends. It's also nice to have so much family nearby!
Scott: Scott is still a Development Manager for Symantec in Lindon. He enjoys his work, but still finds lots of time to play. He just started teaching Ethan’s Sunday School Class and does a great job! He plays volleyball with friends on his lunch break once a week, and works out with another friend at the Legacy Center once a week.
Keri: I have started a Zumba class, which I love! It’s great to have an indoor exercise class when it’s too cold to bike. Katherine also got me started on Spinning classes, which are so much fun! I keep busy running the kids around to their activities, my church calling and volunteering at the school. We always have a house full of kids—our own and all their friends, so life is fun.
Ethan (13): Ethan had many fun opportunities this year. In June, he went to the BYU soccer camp with many of his teammates. A few days after he got home from that, he was able to fly by himself to North Carolina to visit his cousin, Jace. He stayed with Richard and Alana’s family for 2 weeks and went to the beach with them for a few days. He had 2 soccer tournaments in July, so before he knew it, summer was over. Ethan is in the 8th grade this year and doing great. He has taken over responsibility for taking care of the dogs in the morning. He is always willing to babysit his siblings when needed. He is turning into a wonderful young man!
Nathaniel (10): Nate started competitive soccer this year, so he practiced in the summer (sometimes at 7:00 AM!) He loves to play soccer and has really improved. He has to keep up with his older brother. He stopped taking gymnastics this fall because of conflict with soccer, but I take him to an open gym twice a month to make up for it. He is in 5th grade this year and has many, many of his best friends in his class. I feel bad for his teacher! He loves Science and hates writing of any kind. Nate is so compassionate and is a great example to me.
Madeleine (9): Sadly, Maddie’s hula teacher decided to only teach in the summers, so Maddie is without a dance class right now. She was able to do soccer this fall, and she still takes piano. It gives her a lot more friend time, which she loves! Maddie was able to spend time in Idaho with Grandpa and Grandma Yeoman this summer all by herself. Grandma taught her all the things that Mom can’t: ironing, knitting and sewing. Maddie is in 3rd grade and her teacher just loves her. She has been teaching herself cursive for years, so she is glad to finally be able to learn it in school. Maddie is such a sweetheart, always willing to help with Mia and Harrison. She has a special bond with her younger siblings.
Harrison (4): Harry is in his last year of preschool with “Teacher Karen,” whom he loves, even when he doesn’t get to pick out a prize from the treasure bucket. He continues to be very expressive and lets you know when he is not happy about something…all with facial expressions. It’s very offensive to him to be called “funny,” and hates to be laughed at. He started the year sleeping in the boys’ room, but is now back with Maddie, who was his roommate before Mia was born. He’s just the sweetest little guy.
Amelia (19 months): Mia is definitely in my least favorite stage right now—getting into things, climbing on everything, etc, but she is so darn cute, I just love her to pieces. I was scolding her for something in a very stern voice shaking my finger at her; she listened calmly and when I was finished, gave me a big hug. I just had to laugh. She’s a sweet girl, but being toughened up by her big brother. She can definitely hold her own!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The kids were again overloaded with candy this year after Scott's company party and trick-or-treating. Ethan didn't go trick-or-treating this year--he has aged out of that. He was just wearing his soccer uniform with his soccer team that day after finishing their fall season. Nate decided to be a soccer player this year which meant I didn't have to buy him a costume! It was fun to have Katherine and the boys join us! We had beautiful weather--Maddie was in her short-sleeved dress with no coat!
Uhura and Spock

Cousins ready for trick-or-treating

Harrison as Spock

Mia the lemur

At Symantec

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scarecrow Festival

We met the Fords at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi for the Scarecrow Festival, which is always so much fun. The kids have a great time and everyone is worn out at the end!

Mia wearing her balloon hat

Smiths and Fords on the train

Smith Family Home Evening In Lehi

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Green Girls

I realized after putting out clothes for Maddie to wear and getting Mia dressed this morning, that they were matching and looked so cute together. So I took their picture :)